Offer For Outsourcing

If you are looking for a top quality product and full service – the creative and professional personnel of Baltic Textile Company (BTC) is ready to fit your needs!

Located in Lithuania, having a great 79 years of experience we are developing the production and ready to provide you with the most efficient and responsive weaving service. We are pleased to offer you a wide range of weaving options on:

  • Benninger Ergotronic warping machine
  • Sulzer projectile dobby weaving looms
  • Sulzer projectile eccentric weaving looms
  • Itema rapier weaving looms
  • Jacquard rapier Dornier looms with electronic jacquard machine (Grosse and Staubli)

Especially we would like you to draw your attention to our Jacquard setup and would be pleased to send you more information and details on your request.

BTC is ready to provide you with the whole system of services: development, yarn supply, weaving, finishing, storing, stock-taking and delivering. A number of top quality European companies do allready use our service and have a long-term service agreement.

Take your chance and try us – we will weave sample of fabric according to your order!

Thanks for your time and considerations!

We are looking forward for your reply, request and wishes!