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Velito presto


Composition: 88%new pure wool 12% PA
Weight: 315 g/m², (535 g/lin.m+-5%)
Fabric width: 170cm
Flammability: BS EN 1021-1:2006 (cigarette), BS EN 1021-2:2006 (match) BS5852: Part 1:1979: Source 0 BS5852: Part 1:1979: Source 1
Colour fastness to light: 5-6 ( scale 1-8, max 8) EN ISO 105-B02
Colour fastness to rubbing: Wet - 4, Dry - 5 ( scale 1-5, max 5 wet/dry ) EN ISO 105X12
Cleaning: Dry clean

Note: Flammability perfomance is dependent on foam used

Wool gives you extra warmth when it is cold. Thanks to the way in which its fibers curl, woollen fabric has good volume and a high air content, providing exceptional insulation.

Wool also gives you the best sitting comfort when it is hot. Wool is the only fiber that can absorb more than 30 % of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.

Wool is nature’s very own environmentally friendly, biodegradable luxury. Farmers with environmental certification supply pure new wool from sheep reared in natural, green surroundings – in complete harmony with the environment.

Wool is antistatic and does not attract dirt like other fabrics. Wool is also water repellent, so spillages are slow to penetrate the fabric. To maintain the beautiful colour and appearance of the fabric, we recommend gentle vacuuming,

preferably every week, with a soft nozzle.

Wool natural dirt repellent

Wool is naturally resistant to dirt and fire. It is antistatic and attracts dirt to a lesser degree than other fabrics do.

Dry wet spots with a piece of white kitchen roll. Scrape up dry, attached spots with a spoon. Most spots can be removed with lukewarm water possibly added a neutral detergent.

It is a good idea to do a test where it will not show before applying a cleaning agent. Use only small quantities of cleaning agent at a time and dry up with absorbent paper as you work.

If the spot does not disappear using water and a neutral detergent, follow the instructions in our guide to spots

Stain guide